For Mr. Please it’s all about playing live.

A pandemic-born band, Mr. Please honed their live sound for two years at Logan Street Studios in Louisville, Kentucky before ever setting foot on stage.

Rock, blues, funk, and a sprinkle of jazz make the “Please” sound. Thick atmosphere, rich texture, and a tapestry of aural feels act as the cherry on top of this groovy cake.

Taking inspiration from bands like My Morning Jacket, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Goose, Phish, Umphrey’s McGee, and Steely Dan, Mr. Please aims to make something new out of those that came before them, while still adhering to the openness and free flowing energy that live improvisation demands.

Comprised of Alex Hamilton (Guitar, Vocals), Jarrod McCllelan (Bass guitar, Vocals), Ryan Chadwick (Drums, Vocals, Percussion), Max Voorhees (Guitar, Vocals), Nico Extra (Keys, Vocals), and Osama Kurdi (Percussion), the sextet focuses on using their original tracks as vessels for long improvisation and juicy jams.